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Bean sprout is cheap, healthy, easy to make and easy to cook. It is very popular in Asian countries and you will be surprised to see that bean sprout can be ate with any meal. This green guy can be found easily in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean cuisines… you name it.

Since bean sprout is easy to digest, healthy, full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, protein, I am sure you will not feel disappointed to have it in your kitchen. And all the housewives will go crazy if they know that bean sprout helps to boost their husbands’ fertility aid as well as sexual strength. Also if any person in your family has gas problem from eating beans, let’s switch to eating bean sprout and this will avoid the problem. My husband and I also use bean sprout as pre-workout snack since it does fill the body with water and nutrition. This is the amazing diet food if you are looking for low carb as well.

It is very easy to make your own bean sprout. I make my own bean sprout once a week and I have enough bean sprout to eat every day for the whole week. Let me show you how to do it:








Mung bean (non-split mung bean): 1 cup


  1. Wash the mung bean and soak for 1 night (or 12 hours)
  2. Use a steamer, put the mung bean in the top layer, rinse water twice a day. Note: if you want your bean sprout to be fat and big, use a heavy plate or bowl, put on the bean sprout.
  3. After 2-3 days, your bean sprout should be ready. Depending on your room temperature, it can be fast or slow. The warmer the room is, the faster it grows.


Enjoy your bean sprout!!!


Grow your own lemongrass

When I was a child, my mom and my grandmom always cook herbal shampoo for me to wash my hair. Like any Vietnamese child, I wash my hair with the homemade herbal shampoo twice a week. Life keeps me busy so I could not treat myself with this herbal shampoo when I grow up. And I missed this so much because I remember how beautiful my hair was, back to that day. Well, until now, I can grow my own lemongrass and other herbs, so I plan to make the herbal shampoo myself. I will soon share you the recipe how to make it, because I swear, your hair got the best nutrition from this shampoo recipe.

Lemon grass is a mixed use plant. It can be grown for culinary, beauty or landscape. If you have mosquito in your yard, lemongrass will keep them away from you. Not only mosquito but also snakes and other bugs hate the smell of lemongrass as well so this is perfect to get rid of them without put chemical to your yard. I love the smell of lemongrass, it is very fresh and relaxing. Sometimes when my husband and I go to the river walk after work, instead of using insect repellant, we just cut some stalks of lemongrass and carry them with us while walking. And it works like a charm.

Also I love lemongrass because I can use it to cook some tasty dishes: lemongrass chilli chicken, stir fried beef with lemon grass…I even can make tea from lemongrass so it is a plus point to add this herb to your garden.


Here I will show you how to grow your own lemongrass from stalks you buy in the store:

Step 1: Cut the stalk to 4-5 inches, keep the bottom of the stalk

Step 2: Deep the stalk bottom to water so the root will develop

Step 3: Put the stalk in the potting soil, keep moist. Put it an angle (not straight) so it will bear more baby plants for you

Sometimes, you may see no root coming from the stalks (because the store may cut it too deep so the root cannot develop). So to get better chance, buy 2-4 stalks to play with.

It is easy, isn’t it?